Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quick Update (2 shoulder pieces)

Here's a quick update for all of you.

Currently have both shoulder pieces shaped and sanded with the acrylic boxes just held in with pressure at the moment. The second piece went a lot better than the first, so the first is going to get mutilated for the damaged side.

Below are a couple pics of the pieces and also the pieces on me for reference.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shoulder pieces

Spent the better portion of today working on version 1 of Garrus's shoulder armor and I'm really happy with the results. Lots of sanding, lots of rotary tooling, and lots of heat forming, but it ends up paying off pretty well. Pictures below:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

LOOK WHO'S BACK! (With progress!)


That being said, I've started to work on Garrus some more. And let me say, I am LOVING the way this EVA foam works. I started shaping out one of the shoulder pieces and have it rough cut at the moment. Took measurements, used a heat gun to round it, and a rotary tool to tool it down. It's looking pretty sweet.

Also, while I was studying, the blue acrylic sheets came in, so I went ahead and popped those bad boys into the bicep pieces to get a feel for how it'll look in the end. They're not secured in yet so I can paint with ease.

Pictures below!

Here's the bicep plates all shaped up and lookin' good. There's cardboard behind the acrylic holding it in place at the moment so it won't get all scratched up.

Shoulder and bicep plates, heat gun in the background. Friend left a Mtn Dew bottle over, so I used it to help shape the bicep plates since I don't drink it anymore.

Just really loving working with this EVA foam. Only have a very rough cut of the base piece for the shoulder armor so far, but you can get the idea.

That's it for now! Look forward to some more (and more frequent) updates!